BPS Backpack Harness System for BW5000 / 5500 / 6000 / 6600

BPS Backpack Harness System for BW5000 / 5500 / 6000 / 6600

Product Details

Untitled DocumentThe B&W backpack system: the ideal addition for convenient carrying of outdoor.cases

On the go in the world, off the beaten path, among the wildlife, down in valleys and up on mountains. Often, the best photo opportunity comes suddenly and then you need one thing above all else: free hands and quick access to your equipment. The B&W Backpack.System makes this possible: This high-quality backpack system made from ultra durable nylon fabric is screwed onto an outdoor case, allowing it to be transported as comfortably as a backpack. This smart mounting system guarantees easy access to the case at all times.

All features at a glance

  • Ultra durable backpack system for outdoor.case types 5000, 5500, 6000, and 6600
  • Length-adjustable straps
  • Length-adjustable flexible holder
  • Additional handle on the Backpack.System (BPS)
  • Ergonomic padding
  • Hip belt
  • Can support up to 55lbs (25 kg)
  • Firmly secured with screws and snap-fits
  • Accessories: 2x screw a: M5 x 38 2x screw b: M5 x 50 2x drilling template
  • Requires: Drill (Size 5) Screwdriver (Phillips)
  • Color: black
  • Backpack System DOES NOT include case.  Case sold separately. 

Length-adjustable shoulder straps as well as chest strap and hip belt for comfortable, back-friendly transport

B&W’s sophisticated Backpack.System turns outdoor.case types 5000, 5500, 6000, and 6600 into a comfortable backpack quickly and easily. The system consists of a sturdy, padded back panel, a padded hip belt and height-adjustable chest strap, length-adjustable shoulder straps, an additional handle, and a length-adjustable flexible holder for accessories, such as a camera tripod.

Unrestricted outdoor case access at all times

The fixed mounting with screws and snap-fits on the sides of the case allow access to the outdoor case so it can be opened easily at all times. A rugged Velcro strap attaches the back panel of the Backpack.System to the outdoor.case. This keeps the case stable and secure on your back, even on more extreme hikes over rocky terrain.

Please note: Mounting the BPS requires a drill (Size 5) and a screwdriver (Phillips)

To mount the backpack system to an outdoor.case, holes approx. 5 cm in diameter need to be drilled in the side ridges on the bottom of the case. This requires a Size 5 drill and a Phillips head screwdriver. The screws and two drilling templates are included in delivery as well as a detailed guide for mounting the system to your outdoor case. The B&W Backpack.System can support a maximum load of 55 LBS (25 kg)