SKB-1SKB-H5020W Rail Pack Utility Case

SKB-1SKB-H5020W Rail Pack Utility Case

Product Details

This SKB Rail Pack Utillity Case is a durable, ATA Rated case that provides a practical solution to tranporting a wide variety of contents. These industrial cases are designed to exceed the ATA 300, categoty 1. Internal straps are included in base to secure contents.

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  • Black


  • Extremely durable
  • ATA Rated
  • Internal straps
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Interior Dimensions: 49.75 x 20.00 x 13.75" (126.37 x 50.80 x 34.93 cm)
6.75" (17.15 cm) / BOTTOM DEPTH: 7.00" (17.78 cm)
INT VOLUME: 7.92 cu ft. (0.22 cu m)

Exterior Dimensions: 51.00 x 21.88 x 14.50" (129.54 x 55.56 x 36.83 cm)
EXT VOLUME:  9.36 cu ft. (0.27 cu m)

Weight: 23.00 lbs. (10.43 kg) Empty