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Why choose Fuerte Cases as your source for Custom Foam Inserts?
Fuerte Cases is headed toward two decades in the specific niche industry of creating customized protective case solutions, for a myriad of industrial, military and consumer industries. We are distributors of several major protective case brands including Pelican, Storm, SKB, Seahorse, Nanuk, Underwater Kinetics, HPRC, Flambeau, B&W International, S3, and Parker Plastics.  Our experience and knowledge of protective cases gives us the ability help design and build a custom foam insert designed around your needs.  We can help with everything from finding the perfect case size, designing the layout, and we even offer turn-key solutions, such as packaging your equipment and shipping it to your desired location(s).  In addition to the custom foam inserts, we offer other customized case solutions including Custom Color, Blank or Custom Panels, Branding, Case Machining, and Connectivity Solutions to meet your exact specifications from concept through design, fabrication, and timely delivery. 

Many Protective cases are available with an optional Pre-Scored Foam Set, so why Custom Foam?
Protecting sensitive equipment is a must.  Many protective cases are available with Pre-Scored cubed shock absorbent foam.  While Pre-Scored foam certainly has its place in the case industry, as it is economical and ideal for the consumer or company that just needs one case to protect their equipment in a couple of cases. Click here to read our Helpful Hints article on Customizing Pre-Scored Foam.  The downside of Pre-Scored foam is that it tends to fall apart over time, and if used a lot, replacement foam will need to be purchased to keep the equipment protected. 

Benefits of Custom Foam Inserts
Custom Foam Inserts offer a perfect custom fit with additional protection to equipment that is already protected inside a case.  Additionally, if you have multiple cases or multiple pieces of equipment that need to be protected, Pre-Scored Foam can be time consuming.  When there are multiple cases that need the same foam insert, custom foam may turn into a more economical option and save would hours of time in customizing. 
Not only does custom foam offer better protection, it creates a clean, aesthetic appearance that is hard to achieve with Pre-Scored foam.  This is an important aspect when customers are trying to make a professional presentation for their product.

What is your foam cutting process?
There are several methods that may be incorporated into a single foam insert, depending upon the depth of the foam, the type of foam and complexity of a design.  We create case foam inserts using a range of techniques, including laser, oscillating knife, wire cutting, water jet, die cut and router; and all have their place with respect to particular jobs.  Click here to read our Foam Cutting Techniques article that goes into further detail about each method. 

How do you decide which foam cutting technique to use?
Most of customers rarely specify or care which cutting method is used, because in the end, they will rely upon our expertise and expediency, and the bottom line:  Cost, Accuracy, Protection, and Aesthetics.  The test is whether it is a clean design, the product fits, all items are well protected, and the cost is in line with the product or the production level.  Typically, once the items weight and design are established, we recommend several options for the foam, and once a particular foam is designated, we will determine which of the six different methods of cutting, in combination with one another or as a singular technique, is the most cost effective means of producing a pristine result.  A big difference between the various cutting techniques are that a router and laser will allow a surface design, whereas the knife, wire cut, die cut and water jet are usually used to cut clean through each layer of foam. 

What type of foam do you recommend?
If you don’t know what type of foam and density you need for your custom foam inserts, we can help. Once we determine the item(s) weight, design, and any other CTQ’s, we can then recommend several options for the foam.  There are several type of foam to choose from, however, some of the most popular foam types are listed below.    

  • Polyurethane (Ether and Ester)
  • Polyethylene Foam
  • Anti-Static Foam (Polyurethane and Polyethylene)
  • Velour Covered Foam
  • MDL Covered Foam(Standard Colors: Black or Blue)
  • Pre-Scored Foam
  • Flame Retardant Foam
  • Chemical Resistant Foam

How much is a Custom Foam Insert?
The price for the custom foam will depend on the foam type, intricacy of the cut and purchase quantity. We are very easy to work with and will help you determine the best material for your equipment and application.  We can work with a tracing of the parts/equipment, the actual parts can be sent to us for design, or a drawing / CAD file.  

For questions or to obtain a quote, please contact our Sales Department at 619-660-2300 or fill out our Request for Quote Form