We proudly represent waterproof protective cases that are Made in USA.

We will continue to update our product listings with information regarding the country of origin so that our customers may more easily make an educated purchasing decision as to the origin of any of our products.

Seahorse Cases - Made in USA

SKB Cases - Made in USA

Underwater Kinetics Cases - Made in USA

Underwater Kinetics Flashlights - Made in USA

S3 Dry Boxes - Made in USA

Pelican Protector Cases - Made in USA (exception: Memory Card Cases are imported)

Pelican Lights - Made in USA

Starlight Cases - Made in USA

Pelican Storm Cases - Made in USA

Pelican Hardigg Roto Pack Cases - Made in USA

Gun Cases - Made in USA (exceptions: Nanuk, HPRC, B&W, Bull Dog cases are imported)

Seattle Sports Products - Selected products are Made in USA (some are imported)

X-treme Cigar Cases - Made in USA

J&J Ammunition Storage- Made in USA

Parker Plastics Cases - Made in USA

Microraptor Pro Cases and Backpacks - Made in USA

Flambeau Cases - Made in USA

Gerber Knives - Made in USA

LokSak Dry Bags - Made in USA

Aquamira Water Purification and Filtration - Made in USA

Fuerte Cases ATA Cases - 100% Fabricated in USA (Coming soon)


Made in the USA? The truth behind the labels

Whether motivated to "buy American" by patriotism, protecting US industry and jobs for American workers or by recent safety and health alerts about goods made in China and other foreign countries, customers have told us that they have concerns about the origin of the products they buy. Identifying where a product is made isn't always as easy as finding a label.

There are five or more US Federal agencies that are supposed to oversee and enforce the rules on what is "Made in the U.S.A." and they don't always agree on the process and approval of labeling products. For example, beans grown in the U.S. may be shipped to Mexico for canning and sent back to the U.S. for sale. The FDA will consider Mexico as the country of production (and the beans would be labeled "Product of Mexico" and not "Made in the U.S.A."), but Customs and Border Protection considers those beans American based on a temporary export/import license. Moreover, components of many of today's products can be made all over the world. Many electronic products at Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target for example, can include parts made in Germany, Ireland, India, and China.

Labeling rules and laws are confusing and daunting. The context of the claim and whether it's likely to mislead a reasonable consumer are key factors, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which is responsible for protecting consumers from false or deceptive claims. When a company is cited for misleading consumers, it usually agrees to change its behavior without admitting wrongdoing. The FTC investigates "a couple of dozen" complaints a year about made-in-America labels, says agency attorney Laura Koss


We have visited and periodically audit all of our manufacturers of US made products and can certify that they are 100% "Made in USA" and that they are a "Product of the USA". Upon request, and for all international orders of products that we export to foreign countries, we will provide a certificate of origin to certify where every one of our products is made.


We are extremely proud of all of our USA Made Products and will tell anyone, in no uncertain terms that we prefer to sell products that are Made in USA above any foreign made product. Patriotism starts here.




Products of the USA

Be sure to also visit our Links Page . We list numerous manufacturer's and service provider's as well as links to websites that list and promote products exclusively Made In USA.

Thank you for choosing Fuerte Cases American Made Products

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